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aaaaaaHello all visitor, My name is Saipin Puranaphundu.

I have my dog showing the sealyham terrier and Kerry blue terrier in Thailand, United States and in Asia. My first dog is Thai Ridgeback Dog, my friend gave him to me since I was young and after that I got German Shepherd and Poodles but did not showing at all.

aaaaaaTill the year 1999 I started showing dog with Poodle because I got 2 Poodles from my friend, they are Kiwi and Makamwhan. Kiwi is the first dog in showing but he is the size between Toy and Minature, So he can not success in the show and can not finish Thailand Champion, the next is Makamwhan, her size is Toy and she is my first dog to finished Thailand Champion.

aaaaaaThe next on my friend introduce me to know Mrs.Sarah Hawks and Sealy breed. I love Sealyham at the moment and so pleased to got the top quality Sealyham from her, Ch Thunderrdchromensteeleogospc (a.k.a. Rowdy) is my first Sealyham who is won Best of Breed at Montgomery Kennel Club in 2014 (an American Sealyham National Specialty)
After I have been shown a seal
yham terrier for a couple of year I do love the breed Kerry Blue Terrier, I think I would be show both Sealyham and Kerry blue in Thailand. Not only them I also have Pomeranian, Shih tzu and Wire Fox Terrier in showing.

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aaaaaaI would like to thank you everybody to visit my website and please don't forget to sign in my guest book.

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